Kobold VK200

Time to make history: The Kobold VK200 coupled with the Kobold EB400 offers fully automatic floor detection. Ultrasonic sensors detect all floor conditions and automatically adapts Whether hard floors or carpets - the VK200 Cleaning System has it all.

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Kobold VR200

The new Kobold VR200 will amaze you with very powerful suction. Cleans hard wood, tile and carpet deep and thorough. Because it is equipped with a Vorwerk engine that has been completely renewed. The effective suction power is up to three times higher than that of similar products.

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Kobold VC100

Lightweight and extremely comfortable. Vorwerk Kobold VC100 hand vacuum weighs only 750g, it is not only light but also designed so that the weight is centered and facilitates hold it.

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Welcome to Vorwerk Kobold South Africa

Hygiene and cleanliness, since 1930, the Vorwerk vacuum cleaners very popular. There are many good reasons why they are so successful. Even today Vorwerk always remains one step ahead with their innovative vacuum cleaners and accessories.

A clever design , light weight and above all very easy to handle . And all this with convincing quality and long durability .

Years of experience and a sound after-sales service

Although there is rarely something breaks on a Vorwerk, we have our  own repair service that can help you quickly and effectively, if there is any problem. The quality of our employees is tailored to the quality of our products.

Be part of the Vorwerk sales team

Are you convinced of this fantastic product and wish to be part of our sales team? This can certainly, it is easy to combine work and family! We assist you with this and provide you with free training and support.
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For over 130 years, the Vorwerk products have convinced millions of families, thanks to their innovative technology and sustainability.

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