Kobold VR200 robot vacuum cleaner

Kobold VR200 robot vacuum cleaner

Kobold VR200 robot vacuum cleaner

At home on all surfaces

The new Kobold VR200 will amaze you with very powerful suction. Cleans hard wood, tile and carpet deep and thorough. Because it is equipped with a Vorwerk engine that has been completely renewed. The effective suction power is up to three times higher than that of similar products.

Optimum matter intake

The VR200 takes the dust from all surfaces with the new brushes. Its innovative round brush with rubber fins and door brushes rotates 30 times per second and is placed very close to the edge of the housing. The side brush sweeps the dirt directly into the round brush. This brings optimal cleanliness on all surfaces, edges and corners.

Obstacle detection and stairs

Numerous sensors allow. The new Kobold VR200 notes furniture and obstacles, brake gently and driving carefully around them. He easily overcomes the door detects stairs and reverses.

Exactly in corners and edges

Controlled by intelligent software and three ultrasonic sensors, the VR200 is precisely baseboards, walls and along the edges. Because of the unique D – form it comes in all corners.

Under furniture

The new Kobold VR200 effortlessly reaches every corner of your home. He sucks the corners and edges and goes easily under your furniture, its newly designed housing is only 9 cm extremely flat. When the dust container is full, you get the content easily from the suction of a vacuum cleaner. This is particularly hygienic, because you do not have to come into contact with the dirt. Our Koboldstofzuigers are ideal for picking, but you can use most standard vacuum cleaners. Of course you can also just manually empty the container.

operate comfortably at a distance

This is NEW to the robot vacuum cleaner: to control remotely. The new remote control enables comfortable control of the robot vacuum cleaner as possible. You can choose among other things the type of program. Use the arrow buttons to suck up dirt or targeted to navigate in difficult places.

Animals keep silent

As a pet owner, you’re are happy to be the new VR200, pet hair and dirt from his maximum power. This saves you a lot of work and precious time that you can spend with your pet. You remain completely quiet – the VR200 draws a maximum of 70 dBA so pleasantly quiet.


The Kobold VR200 draws from every room for comic strip – thanks to a unique laser from email space. When the battery needs to be recharged he goes to the base station. Later he sucks up where he left off. In addition to the cleaning of the room, you can clean the VR200 individual sites. Spot cleaning a surface of approximately 1.5 x 1.2 m – according to the same principle. There is always reliable and thoroughly vacuumed.

Eco-mode and time setting

The Eco – option of the Kobold VR200 sucks even quieter than usual and reached an even longer period of up to 90 minutes on a single charge. You can charge a schedule with start and end times for your Kobold VR200 so he can suck when you’re not there. It can be individually programmed for each day of the week even.

Technical data

Safety Signs: CE Mark.
Housing: High quality, recyclable, thermoformed plastic.
engine: Maintenance-free DC motor.
Fan: Single-stage fan.
Voltage: 100-240 volts AC 50/60 Hz.
rated: 1.5 A input, output 2.5.
Weight: Approx 5kg (without accessories).
Noise Level: 70 dBA (Measured on carpet in ideal conditions) .
Battery Pack: Lithium-Ion 14.4V, about 64Wh, nominally.


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