The New Kobold VK200

Kobold VK200

Time to make history: The Kobold VK200 coupled with the Kobold EB400 offers fully automatic floor detection. Ultrasonic sensors detect all floor conditions and automatically adapts Whether hard floors or carpets – the VK200 Cleaning System has it all.

ico usp VK200 car floor detection


ico usp VK200 adjustable telescoping


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ico usp VK200 auto start stop


energyStrong suction power and maximum economy

Outstanding cleaning results with low energy consumption, regardless of whether you clean carpets, parquet or tiles. The VK200 in combination with EB400, A has energy achieved in four categories.

best energy rating

Form follows function

The excellent ergonomic design with easily adjustable telescopic handle, lightweight construction and Swivel / Pivot joint, making the Kobold VK200 highly manoeuvrable upright vacuum cleaner, and allows for back friendly attitude during cleaning. The switch is located on the handle, right where you need it to be.

Form follows function

col 6 frei FILTERBAG 5Filter replacement on an innovative and simple way

It has never been so easy to replace the filter bag: open the cover, insert the new filter bag. Done! Once the device is activated, unfolds the new Goblin FP200 3 in 1 Premium Filter automatically.
But that’s not all: The Goblin FP200 improves air quality for allergy sufferers. an impressive 99%
of allergy – inducing particles are trapped. With a clean house is now clean air. A relief for you and your home!

bg img l filter level indicator 01Easy to read the filter indicator

One of the many new features of the Kobold VK200 is the LED filter bag level display. Easy to read, designed reliable and easy replacement of filter bags is only necessary if the LED display completely turns orange.

The brand new Kobold cleaning system

With many extensive attachment options, the Kobold VK200 Upright vacuum cleaners can be converted into a completely unique and versatile cleaning system. It is specifically designed to meet any expectation of a cleanup, and offers the appropriate accessories to for every possible need. Changing attachments is effortless and can be managed without bending, all with the push of a button.